Saturday, August 16

Will You Stay (Part 9)

The big day has arrived. Luke takes Anne walking down the aisle. Ashton looks at Anne as she is the most beautiful bride that he ever seen especially in that wedding gown. Ashton overwhelms and his best man, Leo feels the same way too.
 Luke kiss Anne’s forehead and past her hand to Ashton. He smiles as he is the happiest man in the world. “You look so beautiful, Anne.” He whispers on her ear. She smiles.
The father starts the ceremony until they make their vows.
The father says, “Anne Harper, will you take Ashton Flack to be your husband?”
 “I do,”
“Ashton Flack, will you take Anne Harper to be your wife?”
He pauses, “I do,”
“By the power vested in me by the State of New Jersey, I now pronounce you as husband and wife forever,”
“You may kiss the bride.” And the guests clapping their hand.

The weather is nice and it feels so romantic here in Bora Bora but Ashton doesn’t feel anything. He feels distracted because he’s afraid Anne would get infected when they make love.
At their bedroom, Anne is trying to seduce Ashton with her seductive body. Ashton falls into her and they started to kiss each other. Anne pulls Ashton slowly to the bed and the atmosphere turns into romantic as their love fills in the air. They kiss each other until Ashton feel so engrossed for a moment and doesn’t remember that he has a HIV. Then, he realises as Anne wants to tuck his pant down, he decided to wear a protection. Anne feels weird.
 “Why did you use the protection?”
 “I...I think that I’m not ready to have a kid right now,” Anne kind of shock after she heard about it but she didn’t say anything. They continue of what they were doing just now.

They were back from Bora Bora and everything is back to normal. They already married for 2 month. Anne realised that every time she wants to be with Ashton, he would run away from her.
He often changes topics whenever Anne starts to say something about cigarette until Anne feels sick about it.
            The next day, Ashton comes back home late and he’s drunk. He never acted this way before. Anne burst into tears.
“Ash, what happened to you?” Anne’s shouting.
“For god sake, Ash, why are you become like this?” “You never drink before and you never get drunk,” Ashton laughs.
“Why are you changing so much?” Anne asks but Ashton just keeps his mouth shut.
“ASHTON!!!! ANSWERED ME FOR GOD SAKE!!!!” Anne lost her patient.
 “SHUT UP!!!” Ashton suddenly burst out and he run to his bedroom and slam the door.
 Anne chasing him “Open this fucking door, Ash,” “Open this door, for god sake, Ash!”
“Ash!!” she bursts into tears. She’s crying hard.
“Leave Me Alone!!” Ashton shout from inside as he’s crying hard too.

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