Saturday, August 16

Will You Stay (Part 8)

The wedding is just around the corner and both of their blood tests results are finally out. Ashton gets a call from a lab. Doctor Arjun calls him as he wanted to meet Ashton. 
“I don’t know how to start this but I have news to tell you,”
“I hate to be the barrier but I think,” he pauses. “You should cancel the wedding, Ash.”
“What?” Why would I?” Ashton looks confuse.
“Wait. What’s happening?” Ashton feels his stomach’s churn.
Doctor Arjun asks, “Listen, did you ever sleep with any prostitute out there within these 3 months?”
“No,” he would never do that.
“Wait,” “Ethiopia,” he says under his breath.
“I do get involve with voluntary work but... it can’t be it.”
Doctor Arjun asks once again. “Did you ever treat a HIV patient when you were there?"
 Ashton keeps silent but then he suddenly walks out from Doctor Arjun’s office slowly.

Ashton remembered he made a mashed potato for the boy because he was staying alone. Plus, he never had a chance to eat mashed potato with black paper sauce at Ethiopia. His parents died two days ago because of a HIV. He decided to make it as if it will cheer him up. He accidently cut his finger while making it but he ignored the cut. As he went to the boy’s house, he saw the boy ran towards him and he was accidently fell down. He rushed towards him and he saw a cut at that his elbow. But, he didn’t realize that when he touched the cut, he actually used his finger that somehow would changes his life. To make it worst, he didn’t know that the boy also suffered from HIV.
Ashton come back home late at night as he saw Anne’s choosing their wedding card. Ashton decided to stay together with Anne. She finally moved into his house last week although his brother doesn’t agreed much about it.
“Honey, you’re home,” Anne looks him from far.
“Ash, which one is prettier?” Ashton does not answer her question and leave her dumbfounded. Ashton walks into the balcony and takes his cigarette out.
Anne marches towards him, snatches the cigarette and throws it away in front of him.
 “You’d promise me not to smoke again, right?” Anne stares at him hard as Ashton stares back.
Ashton takes out another cigarette and puffs out the smokes right in front of her face. Anne is too tired to keep arguing the same thing with Ashton, and then she walks away from him.
As Ashton walks into their bedroom, Anne’s pretending that she fell asleep although she’s not. Ashton stares at her back as she’s lying on the bed. He knows that she fakes it. He feels bad.
“Honey, I’m sorry,” Ashton says under his breath. Anne does not budge.
 “I’m sorry,” Anne suddenly wake up and takes out something.
“Luke gave this to me. It was for our honeymoon.” “After our wedding, he wants us go there.” Anne says. Ashton is looking at the ticket but he feels empty.

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