Saturday, August 16

Will You Stay (Part 11)

Luke stares hard. “Can I see her?” right after Ashton finished his words, Luke hits Ashton’s face. He falls on the ground.
“Go home now and never come back again,” Luke says with his angry voice.
“Or else, I’ll kill you with my bare hand, Ash. Don’t make me do it,” Anne run out from her bedroom as she heard noises came from her front door of her house.
“Luke!” she cries a little. She runs towards Ashton.
“Luke, stop it and leave us alone,” she shouts. Ashton looks at her.
“Leave us alone, Luke.” She says.
“I’m tired of this shit Anne,” Luke replies and he walks into his bedroom with Natalie.
 Anne lifts Ashton up and takes him inside of the house. Anne looks at Ashton. She manages to stay calm.
 “Since when you knew about this virus?” Anne asks but Ashton keeps his mouth shut. Both of them keep on silent for a moment.
“Since I got back from Ethiopia. I knew about this right after our blood test results came out,” Ashton answers
. “But, it was negative, right?” “ Both of us?” Anne cries a little.
  “I’d fake it,” his head down as he’s crying silently. Anne’s speechless.
  “How could you do this to me, Ash?” “ Wait, does it mean that you knew before our marriage?” Anne asks.
 “I couldn’t tell you about this,” He sobs. “I couldn’t afford of losing you because I love you, Anne,” Ashton says while holding Anne’s hand. Anne puts her hand on Ashton’s face. She smiles.
 “I’m holding tight on our vow, Ash. I will stay forever with you no matter what happen,”
 “We can handle this together if you told me from the beginning,” she smiles
“If I told you before, would you still marry me?” Ashton stops. “You’ll sick of me, Anne,” Ashton says while holding her face.
 “Our marriage is not only about love. It’s beyond everything.”
 “What makes you think I can’t handle this problem with you Ashton? If I can handle with your cigarette problem, this won’t be a problem,” she kisses him.
 “I love you Ashton, I love you no matter what and I promise to you that I’ll help you to go through thick and thin.”
 “Will you stay with me?”
 “I will, Ash,” they hug tightly like it is the end of the world and they kiss passionately.
They were happy again. Ashton become healthy again and he resign his job. Ashton becomes sweet again towards Anne and treats Anne like a princess.

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