Wednesday, August 26

Movie Talk : Brothers

Since I need to go to the bank to submit my study loan application,I decided to watch Brothers because this movie still running in the cinema. Been reading Brother's review for the past 2 weeks and most of people on my twitter timeline give a double thumbs up for this movie. Watch it alone because I always love watching movie at cinema alone so that I can focus more.

First half of this movie,I cried like a baby. I swear it's so emotional and there's so many heartbreaking scenes so yeah my tears flow like a waterfalls in Baahubali. The second half is more on power packed action scenes,but I'm still crying. Brothers already collected 78 crore in domestic market and 106 crore worldwide collection.

Directed by: Karan Malhotra
Music by: Ajay-Atul
Starring by: Akshay Kumar,Sidharth Malhotra,Jackie Shroff,Jacqueline Fernandez,Shefali Shah
Release date: 14 August 2015

Brothers is the official remake of Hollywood movie "Warrior". David (Akshay Kumar) and Monty Fernandes (Sidharth Malhotra) are brothers from another mother. David is a son of alcoholic Gary (Jackie Shroff) and Maria (Shefali Shah) while Monty is Gary's son with Sara,woman he has affair with. After Sara's death, Gary took Monty to stay with him and kind hearted Maria and David accept Monty like their own family. Gary can't control his drinking habit accidentally killed Maria during Monty's birthday after they're having an argument regarding Gary's affair. David who witnessed that incident can't forgive his father and accused Monty is the reason his mother died.

A few years later Gary being release from prison after serving his sentence. Only Monty who fetch him at the prison. David who become a physics teacher married with Jenny (Jacqueline Fernandes). They have a daughter named Maria who suffered with weak kidney and heart disease. They're been facing financial problem since Maria needs regular treatment at the hospital.

emotional scene during Sapna Jahan song

Like his father, Monty is a street fighter too. David being expelled from school because the principal found out that he joined street fight to earn extra money for his daughter. When Mr Briganza announced that he organizes Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition "Right To Fight" at India, both Monty and David worked so hard to put themselves in that competition. Monty being trained by his father while David being trained by Pasha Ali,son of former MMA fighter.

 Monty and David's training to enter R2F

Both of them managed to become the contestants,together with other MMA fighters across the globe. The final round between Fernandes brothers become a huge talk across India. At the end of the fight,David win the competition and forgive his brother and father.

blood vs blood

My opinion about Brothers:
1) Best performance ever by Sid. He's working so hard for this movie and it really shows in every scene. He portray his anger,frustration,sadness,love brilliantly in this movie. He and Akki equally shine in Brothers

2) Akki proves that he can do action and romance at the same time. It's amazing to watch a guy at his age still able to do all action scenes by himself.

3) Jackie and Shefali deserve a credit for their acting. Jackie is so natural and he's the reason why I cried like a baby. Shefali never disappoints me with her acting. She only appear in flashback scene but left with such a huge impact. I wish she has more scenes in this movie.

4) Jac Fernandez plays a mother for the first time and I think she's good,but like Shefali, she doesn't appear much.

5) The soundtracks are good. Brothers Anthem and Sapna Jahan are the winner. You can feel the fighting spirit when Brothers Anthem is playing.

6) The item song Mera Naam Mary is unnecessary,waste of time and eye torture for 5 minutes. For movie like Brothers, item song is not needed. 

7) The duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes are little long and draggy for me. 2 hours should be fine.

8) I wish they extend the ending and show what happen to David's daughter.

Overall,7/10 for Brothers. I haven't seen the original Warriors so I can't compare which one is better. If you love both Sid and Akki,do watch this movie.

Wednesday, July 29

Movie Talk : Bajrangi Bhaijaan

To be honest, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is not on my must watch movie list for 2015. I'm not a big fan of Salman Khan or Kareena Kapoor, so yeah that's the reason. But after I watched the trailer, I changed my mind. The trailer looked promising and the child actor Hashaali Malhotra grabbed my attention. Then I promised to myself that I'm going to watch this movie,but with decent expectation,because Kabir Khan's previous movie Ek Tha Tiger,failed to impress me.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan managed to enter 100 crore club in 3 days only. I'm not suprise because when it comes to The Khans movie, 100 crore in less than a week is a normal scenario. Until this date, Bajrangi Bhaijaan already entered 200 crore club with 256++ crore box office collection in India.

I managed to watch this movie last Sunday with Didiey. And here's the saddest part. In Malaysia, people rarely watch hindi movie in cinema. So we pretty confident that the tickets will be available until the showtime. Surprise surprise we failed to get a ticket because it's sold out and selling fast for the whole day. Weird scenario in Malaysia,second week of screening and tickets are sold out. Almost cried at the cinema because we've been planning to watch BB since monday. But finally, we checked at other cinema and got ourselves the tickets. THANK GOD!

Directed by: Khabir Khan
Music by: Pritam
Starring by: Salman Khan,Harshaali Malhotra,Nawazzudin Siddiqui,Kareena Kapoor Khan
Release date: 17 July 2015

Shahida (Harshaali Malhotra) a mute girl from Pakistan come to India with her mother to pray for her speech to be returned at Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya's Dargah in Delhi. On their way back to Pakistan, Shahida gets lost and separated from her mother and can't pass the border. Alone in foreign country, Shahida boards a freight train, reaching KurukshetraIndia. At Kurukshetra she meet Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi or also known as Bajrangi (Salman Khan) and follows him.

Bajrangi assumes that Shahida is hindu and separated from her parents. And since Shahida is not able to speak, she can't tell Bajrangi where she comes from. Bajrangi takes initiative to guess which city she comes from,by mentioning all cities in India during their jorney back to Bajrangi's house at Delhi. He asks his girlfriend Rasika's (Kareena Kapoor) permission to let Munni (name that Bajrangi gives to Shahida) stays with them until they find her parents.

One day Bajrangi found out that Munni is a muslim from Pakistan,due to incident when he found Munni is eating chicken at their neighbour's house,Munni enters the mosque to pray and Munni is clapping her hand and kiss the tv when Pakistan won the cricket tournament. 

He determine to send Munni back to her country,but because of she doesn't has a passport,she can't apply the visa. The travel agent said that he can help with other way but he lied to Bajrangi. Instead of sending Munni back to Pakistan, he sells Munni to brothel's owner. Luckily Bajrangi come to rescue and he decided to send Munni back to her home on his own.

one of the best scene in BB

They illegally entered Pakistan via secret tunnel,almost caught by a local police and become most wanted person in Pakistan because the local authority think he's a Indian spy. The local journalist Chand Nawab (Nawazzudin Siddiqui) helps Bajrangi to locate Munni's village. During their journey, Chand Nawab records a video. Finally they manage to send Munni back to her home but Bajrangi has been caught by the police. To help him, Chand Nawab upload the video of their journey on Youtube and grabs people's attention towards the situation.

At the end of the story, the police release Bajrangi and let him go back to India,and Shahida/Munni is able to speak.

What I like about Bajrangi Bhaijaan:
1. Kabir Khan's dialogue is brilliant. When it comes to the funny part, we laughed so hard. When it comes to the emotional part, we cried. I'm emotionally attached to the story. One of the best hindi movie that I ever since in my life. 

2. Bajrangi and Munni's character are beautifully written. For me,this is Salman Khan's best performance ever. Instead of doing action movies, I prefer Sallu in romantic/comedy films. Couldn't find a word to describe how amazing he's in BB. He deserves to be nominate in Best Actor category next year. Let's talk about Harshaali Malhotra. I want to thank Kabir Khan for introducing Harshaali to us. This little girl is only 7 years old,but her talent is sooooo big even the senior actress can't act like her. It's not easy to act as mute person. Her facial expression and body language are mindblowing. I will be upset if she doesn't win best debut actress next year.

3. Nawazuddin Sidduqui never failed to impress me. He always nail every character that been given to him. He's funny and at the same time,give a huge impact in this movie.

4. The soundtracks. Pritam is one of my favourite music director,and he never failed to deliver a beautiful soundtracks in every film that he's working in. Tu Jo Mila is the winner. Enough said. I cried many times.

5. The cinematography is so beautiful and I think I wanna pack my bag and go to Kashmir now.

What I don't like about Bajrangi Bhaijaan:
1. The female lead for this movie should be Harshaali instead of Kareena because she has the least screen time and doesn't give any impact. Sorry not sorry. For me,it would be better if she's not in this movie.

Afterall,10/10 for Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Still running at the cinema so go and watch this movie.


Thursday, July 9

Movie Talk : Minions

I love minions! These creatures are adorable. Kalau boleh bela,nak 3 ekor untuk kemas bilik,masak and tolong mama pack barang yang customer order. I watched Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 several times sebab lawak gila,and they decided to come out with the prequel,memang seronok la sebab nak tahu minions ni datang dari mana and how they exist.

Disebabkan bulan puasa tak elok bazirkan masa pergi cinema,maka sis tengok Minions via online je. Gigih la hadap quality tak berapa elok tu. Sebab ramai cakap best la kelakar nak mampos la memang tak boleh tunggu hdrip ke dvdrip ke brrip dah. Malangnya,indah khabar dari rupa. Biasa je Minions ni. Tak tahu la sama ada aku tengah takde mood or cerita ni memang tak kelakar sangat. Aku yang jenis mudah terhibur ni tak gelak sangat pun,just sengih je.

Directed by: Pierre Coffin and Kyle Banda
Starring by: Pierre Coffin,Sandra Bullock,Jon Hamm,Michael Keaton
Release date: 18 June 2015 (Malaysia), 10 July 2015 (USA)

Minions are small creature that evolve from single cell organism sampai la besar yang macam korang tengok dalam movie tu. Memula dorang hidup dalam laut,then bila dah besar dorang naik ke darat. Their life goal satu je,to become the servant for the most bad ass villain in the world. From becoming a servant to dinasour,caveman,Egyptian pharaoh,dracula to Napoleon finally minions pindah ke Artic. Malangnya dekat Artic takde orang jahat maka depress la rakyot minions sebab takde life and tak tahu nak buat apa.

Kevin,antara minion yang cerdik finally decide untuk move from the Artic sebab nak cari boss baru. He is joined by Stuart and Bob,walaupun 2 ekor ni tak berguna mana. Berhari mendayung dorang sampai ke New York,dimana dorang dapat tahu there's an event called Villain Con held in Florida. Dengan tak malu tumpang one family yang kebetulan nak pergi Villain Con jugak,the minions manage to work with Scarlett Overkill,the most bad ass villain ever.

Scarlett brings them to her house at London,and assign them to steal the crown that belongs to Queen Elizabeth. Dengan bantuan senjata husband Scarlett,dorang hampir berjaya nak curi crown tu. Malangnya crown yang memula dipamer dekat London Tower dipindahkan ke istana. Minions dengan tak berape bijak pi curi crown dalam kereta queen,tapi gagal. Polis kejar dorang. In the process, Bob crash lands on the mythical Sword in the Stone, where he pulls the sword Excalibur out easily to defend himself. Elizabeth is then removed from the throne, and Bob is crowned as the new King of the United Kingdom.

Scarlett rasa dikhianati,maka dia pi serang minions dekat istana. Minions berpegang pada janji and bagi crown tu dekat Scarlett,Scarlett sumbat dorang dalam jail. However they managed to escape and nak mintak maaf dekat Scarlett. They went to Scarlett's coronation,tapi terjatuhkan chandelier atas Scarlett before dia ditabalkan jadi queen. Angry Scarlett arahkan orang2 dia bunuh the minions. Bob and Stuart kena tangkap,Kevin menyorok and pergi Scarlett's husband's lab and accidentally trigger the machine yang buat dia jadi gergasi. Kevin pijak the rest of the villain and Scarlett's house.

At the same time, the rest of the minions at the Artic terbunuh boss baru dorang,and decide to move from there,and terlanding dekat Britain. Kevin dapat selamatkan Bob and Stuart,and bunuh Scarlett and her husband.

Elizabeth jadi queen lagi sekali,and bagi hadiah dekat the minions sebab nak balas jasa. Tetiba Scarlett yang rupanya tak mati lagi datang rampas the crown,tapi kena tembak ais dengan Gru versi budak. Gru curi the crown. The minions nampak Gru as their new boss and work for him. Hasil kerja tu uols boleh tengok in Despicable Me.

What I like about Minions:

1. First 15 minutes of the story and the ending. That's the best part in this movie.

2. What I learned from Minions, in order to achieve something, you need a great leader (like Kevin) and kerjasama (like 3 minions did when they steal the crown). Walaupun dalam movie ni dorang mencuri, amek sudut positive sudah.

What I dislike about Minions:

1. Story dia tak power macam Despicable Me 1 and 2. Biasa biasa je. Tak menarik mana

2. Tak lawak mana k.Tak tahu nak gelak part mana. Ada la part lawak tapi tak banyak. Ke aku yang ada high expectations melampau?

Overall, 6/10 for Minions. Patutnya bagi 5 but they're so adorable plus Kevin tu bijak,so tambah lagi 1 point. Tak faham kenape ada yang cakap lawak gila T_T

kelucahan dalam movie untuk budak budak

Monday, July 6

Movie Talk : Hamari Adhuri Kahani

It's been awhile since the last time I watched hindi movie and cry from the beginning to the end of the story. Lagi lagi love story. Tipu la tak nangis tengok Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Mann kan. Laju je air mata keluar macam air terjun. But that was 15 years ago. So technically after 15 years I found the movie yang buat hati banjir.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani is not your typical love story. It's something else. Based on true story,memang kau tak boleh ada high expectations la. I watched this movie last week,alone at KLCC. 2 jam air mata tak berhenti mengalir lepastu siap tak cukup tissue T_T Dah la tengok sesorang,tak boleh nak pinjam bahu sesape,tissue pulak tak cukup. Despite of poor review by the critics, I love this movie. 

Directed by: Mohit Suri
Music by: Raju Singh,Mithoon,Jeet Ganguly,Ami Mishra
Starring by: Emraan Hashmi,Vidya Balan,Rajkumar Rao
Release date: 12 June 2015

Full synopsis for this film,you can read HERE (because I'm toooo lazy to write it).

What I like about Hamari Adhuri Kahani:

1. Emraan Hashmi's best performance ever. I started to love him after watching this film. He can act,tapi movie movie dia before ni semua tak best dan tak menarik perhatian sis (except for Ungli). Siapa yang tengok this film and tak cair dengan Emraan,sah gila. Watak Aarav maybe nampak biasa,tapi bukan senang nak kasi penonton nangis bila tengok the actor nangis. Emraan totally nailed it.

2. Vidya Balan as Vasudha, never failed to impress me with her acting. Watak apa je yang Vidya tak boleh buat,semua boleh. Love her character that stood up for herself at the end of the story.

3. If Mithoon is composing the music, you know the soundtracks will be damn good. The title track, Humnava and Hasi are my favourite songs in this film.

4. I love love love love the story. Dah la hindustan sekarang tak banyak love story yang ching ching air mata bercucuran,so bila dah ada ni kena hargai lebih sikit.

What I dislike about Hamari Adhuri Kahani:

1. I wish for happy ending sebenarnya. Sayangnya Emraan and Vidya mati dalam movie ni.

2. Scene percintaan Aarav and Vasudha tu 21 tahun lepas (sebab anak Vasudha baca diari ayah dia (Hari) and throwback ke 21 tahun lalu) tapi ada samsung s5,skype,range rover. Tak logik kat situ. Sama ada the director memang saja buat macam tu or dia silap besar.

Overall, 7.5/10 for Hamari Adhuri Kahani. Kalau lebih sikit scene romantik,sis dah bagi 8/10.

time scene ni teringat twilight!