Saturday, August 16

Will You Stay (Part 2)

 “My name is Anne Harper, specialist in surgeon,” she seems surprise and embarrass. They shake hand.  Ashton stares at her and somehow he seems pleased to meet this girl again. Leo is there while other trainees introducing themselves. They say something while he stares at Anne but he did not pay it any mind. He held her hand tightly and hides his smile, she seems panic. He recalled their first met at the rooftop.
            “Doctor Ashton?” Leo calls his name. He does not respond.
“Doctor Ash!” Ashton in shock and he let go of her hand.  
            Ashton shrugs. “We’ll start with the incentive care room number 2. I want you guys to jot down the progress,” He pauses. “And you, Anne...” he looks at his paper, “Anne Harper, I want you to explain to me his progression.” And, he drifts away as he still hiding his smile.

Ashton could hear an ambulance screeching to a halt, a gurney hurtling through the hallway. An old couple had an accident. Her wife had a serious injury on her head. Ashton enters the trauma ward and saw her blood beginning to pool on the floor. Anne Harper is one of them and she seems baffled as she is staring hard at the old lady.
Ashton is there to lead the operation. He quickly recognized that this is a fatal injury. He began prepping for surgery.
            “Well, there’s a woman across the hall needs some help,” Ashton looks at Anne. She nods her head.
            “It has been a month, Doctor Anne,” he continues.         
“I think you should develop the ability to just get focused in on the problems, Anne.” Ashton could see Anne is shivering. She never acted this way before.
            The old lady is bleeding and she is half awake. Her pulses is getting slow. Her arteries burst enormous bloods and it requires cauter, the tool to stop heavy bleeding.
            “Doctor Anne, cauter.” Ashton says. He looked at Anne. She lost her focus.
            “Anne, hand me the cauter,” Her blood lost is getting higher. Her heart rate is getting lower as her pulses are getting slower. Ashton grabs the cauter immediately and he places it at her arteries to stop them from bleeding. The continuously beep’s sound fill the silence. The old woman passed away due to her severe blood lost.
            “6.43 pm, time of death,” Ashton says it under his breath. Anne is standing still beside him.
She seems panic and as Ashton turns his head to ask her if she is okay, she bursting out through the hall’s door. Her eyes are looking directly at her husband. Her lung feels like going to burst. She doesn’t have any clue how to confront her husband so she decided to walk off from him. There is only one place that could heal her guiltiness. The rooftop.

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