Saturday, August 16

Will You Stay (Part 6)

Days goes by, Ashton’s addiction is getting worse. The worse, he always fights with Anne due to his addiction. He just couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t control his temper that he would just burst out. They fight days and nights until Anne couldn’t handle it anymore. She decided to meet with Leo Mikaelson. 
“He’s change.” Anne says.
“I’d known him since we were child. He’s stubborn, I admitted it though.” Leo pauses.
“After his mom left him, he would give up on anything if he doesn’t get his cigarette.”
“But, he loves you,” “And now, he would give up on anything just for you, Anne,” he stops.
“Not with the cigarette, though,” she replies and Leo couldn’t say anything more.
 “I need a break,” Ashton met Leo at his office. He feels guilty towards Anne after what had done to her. He feels terrible as if he wants to knock himself out. Leo looks at him.
            “I’m tired of hurting her. I just couldn’t believe the fact that I’d hurting her days and night. I don’t know what to do, man,” he sounds gloomy.
            “Plus, I’d messed up with my work,” he sighs.
            “You’re seriously need a break? What do you want to do?” Leo asks him.
            “I want to get involve with voluntary project,” he says.
            “Where?” Leo questions him. Ashton hesitates.
            He answered, “Ethiopia,” Leo speechless.

 “3 months?!” Anne couldn’t believe of what she just heard. “Are you kidding me, Ash?” “Ethiopia?” she stares at him.
“I tried to change, Anne. I’m tired of being me lately. I’m tired of hurting you,” “I tried to stay away from that shit, Anne,” he stops. “I need you to understand me. 3 months won’t be so long.”
“Ash, you don’t have to go far away, away from me. I can help you,” she cries a little. “Ash, please?”
“I’m gone for good, Anne,” he hugs Anne tightly.
“How am I gonna contact you?” It makes Ashton laughs a little.
“I love you, Anne.”
“I love you more, Ash.”

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