Saturday, August 16

Will You Stay (Part 1)

Ashton Flack is standing at the hospital’s rooftop. He could feel the chill breezes against his bare skin. He grabs the pack of cigarette from his long sleeve pocket and let the cigarette hanging from his lips. Smoke flowing out of the side of his mouth. He thinks of his dad whenever he’s all alone. He reminiscence back the day his mom left him and his dad. 
 “Where’s mom?” Ashton asked his dad. He was at the backyard with the cigarette between his fingers.
            “She went missing,” he paused.
“Nowhere to be found, Ash,” smokes flowing out from his mouth. “We’ll get through this together, son,” he looked away as if he doubted himself. Ashton stared at him and picked one as he exhaled the smokes.
“Look, pope,” he showed Ashton the burning cigarette.
“This, it helps me a lot. The smokes symbolize my mess,” he puffed out, “This smokes would went away in a minute and whoosh, same goes with my mess.”
The memories faded away.
It was 15 years ago when he lost both of his parents. Ashton struggled to get back on his feet and managed to get back to medical school. He just couldn’t believe what he had been through and now, at the age of 33, he is one of the top surgeons at Princeton Hospital.
“Are you kidding me?” The voices popped his memories. As he turns his head, he could see this young petite, beautiful girl in her lab coat.
“I thought this is the only place that had not been polluted by smokes and shit,” she pauses.
 “Damn, I thought wrong,” she stares at him with her beautiful light brown eyes. He felt as if he could melt in them.
She looks at his hand. “Can you just throw that away because you seem like you’re trying to kill yourself,” Ashton dresses her down to her lab coat.
 He never saw her before.
 “What are you lookin’ at?” she stutters and looks at herself. She laughs.
“Look, I know I’m a doctor but I’m not gonna help someone who is intended to kill themselves. And you know what, I ain’t got time for that.” Ashton gives her a quick smile and continues smoking.
 “I should get going. Plus, I don’t want to disturb you,” and she went away and left Ashton behind.
 The atmosphere fall on silent. Ashton is wandering about the girl. Her long lashes, her full lips make Ashton breathless.
“Man, thank god you’re here.” Rough voices knocked his ears. It was Leo Mikaelson, a psychiatrist and his best friend. He had known Leo since elementary school and they became best friend since that.
“What’s up, dude?” Ashton replies.
 “I’m looking for you. The trainees are already here. You’ve got to meet them.” Leo answers him directly.
“Trainees?” Ashton puzzles. “Oh shit, they’re already here?” he frowns.
“Yeah. I’ve heard one of them is quite a catch,” he continues. “Pretty gal.” Leo smirks. Ashton nods.
“I’ll be there in a minute. Got to finish this. Ain’t gonna waste it, dude,” Leo shakes his head.
“See you down there.” Leo went down to catch up with his works. Ashton fills his lung with his last smokes and he off to meet his trainees. 

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