Saturday, August 16

Will You Stay (Part 5)

“I love you Anne Harper,” Ashton says under his breath. He feels relieved. He has this huge smile on his face. He never feels so good about it and then he walks away leaving Anne dumbfounded.
It has been several days that Ashton confessed to her. Ashton acted cool like it never happened. Anne confused but somehow, she felt it too. She loves Ashton. She doesn’t know what to do.
The day when Ashton and Anne had been together prepping for a surgery, Anne blurted the words.
“I love you too,” she says under her breath. Ashton could die a happy man.

 “What inspired you to study medicine?” he exhales the smokes out. Anne looks at the smokes. She coughs silently.
            “My parents. Especially my mom,” she smiles. “Both of them were doctors.”
            “Were?” Ashton asks her.
            “They were killed in an accident.”
            “You were all alone?” Ashton asks.
            “Nope. Luke Harper. He’s my brother. I live with him, with my sister in-law too,” she smiles.
            She pauses.
            “Before the accident, they were fighting. Mom wished Luke to be a doctor. He hated it. He loved his job but he was only 19,” she stops.
            “He’s a photographer,” she smiles. “The day they fought, dad wasn’t there. Mom found an acceptance letter from medical school at Luke’s in his room. She doesn’t believe it because the interview date was 2 weeks before.”
            She stops. “It hurt so much to see they fought.” Ashton takes a quick glance at her.
 Anne clears her throat. “Their yelling bursting as I stood at the stairs.”
 “Luke was covering his face with his hands. He weren’t happy. My mom weren’t too.”
“Dad was home on time. He tried to calm mom but she refused. And then, they went out.”
“They went out. There was a called. Luke picked it up, and he cried hard,” she pauses.
 “Do you remember I cried at the rooftop?” she asks Ashton.
“The old woman?” she pauses. “She looked exactly like my mom,” she cries a bit. Ashton shrugs.
“Hey, I would never leave you alone. No matter what,” they stare and they kiss.
“What about you and your cigarette?” she smiles.
“It’s my best friend, Anne. The smokes would go away, and whoosh, same goes with my mess.”
 It’s a metaphor though,” Ashton grins.
“I’m here now, Ash. I can help you.”
Ashton stares her hard. Then, he grabs her neck slowly. He puts his face against her and starts kissing her. She leans down and they’re making out. She stays the night. She snuggles into his chest and falls asleep. Ashton’s looking for his cigarette and he puffs out.

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