Saturday, August 16

Will You Stay (Part 10)

Both of them get back to work as usual. Anne looks miserable. Leo notices her but he doesn’t want to approach her but he approach Ashton instead.
“Hey, man,” he taps Ashton’s shoulder. Ashton chuckles.
Leo asks quietly, “Are you happy Ash?” Leo asks Ashton.
Ashton hesitates, “Of course, man. I’m happy,” Ashton said but he doesn’t look at him.
“Really?” Leo asks again but this time Ashton didn’t answer back.
“I’ve known you for years, Ash. I know that you’re not okay.”
“And plus I’m a psychologist and you knew it.” He stops. “You can’t lie to me Ash,” Leo said but Ashton keeps his mouth shut and he excuses himself from Leo saying that he has a patient waiting.
            Leo is looking for Ashton afterward at the rooftop but he saw Anne instead. He knew something is not right between them.
 “Are you okay, Anne?” Leo asks. Anne looks up in the sky as if she tries to hold in her tears.
Suddenly, Anne bursts into tears. She’s crying hard. She couldn’t stop.
Leo feels bad and he tries to calm her.
“I don’t know what to do, Leo. I’m tired of this,”
“I had enough.” She’s crying a little harder. Leo tries to soothe Anne and all of sudden, Leo didn’t realize that he actually hugs Anne as she lays her head on Leo’s shoulder. Far away, Ashton sees them and he walks away. His head throbs as he senses himself fill with anger and jealousy.

Ashton didn’t come back home for two days. Anne is waiting for Ashton with feeling of worries and anger. Anne called him thousand times Ashton but he didn’t answer his phone. The next day, he’s finally home and he looks miserable but he looks sober.
 “Where have you been Ashton Flack?” Anne’s trying not to yell. She takes a deep breath.
 Ashton chuckles, “Why bother?”
He continues “You had Leo with you, so you don’t need me anymore,” Ashton says it while looking somewhere else.
“Huh, what?” she says. “Ash, look at me,” she snaps her fingers.
“Do not involve anyone into our problem, would you?” she says. “This is only between us. Leo has nothing to do with this,”
“It’s just you and me Ash,” she starts trembling. Ashton looks away.
“Tell me, Ashton. What is wrong with you?” she’s yelling. “Why are you become like this?” she hits Ashton’s chest with her knuckles several times.
“Why you did this to me Ash. Why?” she pauses. “Can you stop torturing me, Ash? I’m tired of this,” she’s crying hard. Ashton looks at her.
 “Me torturing you?” he laughs a little.
“It’s me, Anne. I’m the one who suffered!” he starts yelling.
            “You know nothing about me, Anne. So, shut the fuck up!” he bursts out. She’s trembling. She never seen Ashton acted this way.  “How am I supposed to know about you if you weren’t at home all the time?” she replies in tears. “Answered me Ash. Who’s the one is suffered? Me or you?” she says. “Don’t you dare telling me that I know nothing about you Ash,” she stops.
Ashton laughs and he burst out again. “I’m the one who suffered Anne. Suffered from this stupid HIV virus!!” Ashton yells. Anne looks surprise.
“What...what did you just say? HIV?” Anne says it while she’s crying. “What are you talking about, Ash. You make me afraid,” she says. “Ashton, what is wrong with you? Do tell me Ashton. Tell me, you’re killing me!!!” Anne starts to yell but Ashton just keeps on silent. “Oh, shit, Ash. I had enough of this crap,” she leaves him as she goes to Luke’s house.

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