Saturday, August 16

Will You Stay (Part 4)

Ashton saw Anne came out from Leo’s office. He is standing a couple of feet away from Leo’s office. He could see Leo’s face as Anne walked out from his office. He feels something. Something that is not quite right. Jealous. Yes, he is. He could feel his face’s hot and his head throbs. He needs to smoke as it will take away his pain. Anne saw him but he looked away. He off to the rooftop and she followed him silently.
The smoke fills his lung. His headache disappears. He heard a sound of footsteps near him but he doesn’t look away.
“I know you’re mad at me because I didn’t show up yesterday,” she says. “I should’ve told you, doc.” “I’m sorry,” her voice sounded like a plea. Ashton doesn’t respond. She felt guilty.
“Look, doc,” he could hear Anne took her deep breath.
 “What happened between us the other day was not supposed to happen. I was out of my mind. I... I...shouldn’t have kissed you,” she stops.
Ashton stepped on the burning cigarette on the floor and puffed out the smokes. He turns his back and facing Anne. He could see her body tense as he stares hard at her face.
“Why not?” Ashton says calmly. He looks at her. Anne stands still.
Ashton continues, “It was the best thing that ever happened in my life,” then he walks away.

 “Are you serious?” Ashton and Leo are at the coffee shop across the hospital. “I just couldn’t believe it dude,” Leo can’t stop laughing.
“I know,” Ashton pauses. “I just couldn’t believe it too,” He sips the coffee. “It’s just happening, man,” he pauses.
“What happened?” he pauses. “I mean, dude, you’d never fell in love. After what your mom did, you swore that you would...”
“I know,” Ashton cuts him.
“Man, I don’t know what to do. I had no clues,” Ashton sighs.
“Do you really love her?” Leo sounds serious like he never before.
Ashton looks at him. “Beyond everything man.”
He rushes out from the cafe. He runs across the road. He looks for Anne ups and down the hospital’s corridor. He bursting into each of the wards but he couldn’t find her. He passes by the paediatric wards and he saw her laughing with this little girl. His heart melts. Anne saw him across the ward. She gives him a smile. Ashton walks towards her. She stands uncomfortable as Ashton approaches her.
“Doctor Ash?”
“I love you, Anne,”
She is trembling.

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