Saturday, August 16

Will You Stay (Part 7)

Although Ethiopia does not develop as much as New Jersey, Ashton is feeling grateful to be there. Even though the food shortage in Ethiopia is high and diseases among women and children are unbearable but for Ashton, it is a beautiful country as the country is being blessed with sunshine. He occupies himself curing diseases among women and children days and nights for couple of months. He feels good about it.
It is hard to find a signal here and it has been a while that he didn’t contact Anne. Ashton decided to write a letter to Anne as he is missing her. They wrote letters to each other for almost every week. Although it takes a week to deliver the letter, but that is the only way to get in touch with. And he is the happiest man alive when he received a letter from Anne.

Back in New Jersey, Anne is so excited when she received letter from Ashton. She would wait for it days and nights because she just couldn’t wait to read the letter. She is glad to know that Ashton’s addiction is getting lessen day by day.
Leo is the first person she told about Ashton. She knew that Leo would be pleased if he heard about the news. Anne met Leo almost every week when Ashton is not around. She would talk about Ashton and she tells Leo that she wants to propose Ashton when he gets back to New Jersey.
Leo feels something when Anne talks about Ashton almost of the time. Whenever Anne talked about Ashton, he didn’t paying any attention toward it. He would stare at Anne’s face and he has to admit it, he has fallen in love with Anne. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help it.
When Anne talked about proposing Ashton, he was heartbroken.
Ashton has return from Ethiopia for good. He looks fresh when Anne fetches him up at the airport. 3 months had gone and he feels good about it. They couldn’t wait for anything else as they go back home, they make love passionately. That is what they longing for. They fall asleep right after it. In the next morning, Anne makes a breakfast for Ash and brings it to bed. She kisses Ashton until he is wide awake. He eats pancake and he in shock. He found a ring. He looks at Anne and he says yes.

 “No!” Luke gazes at Anne. “Look, you told me that he’s a heavy smoker and you know I don’t like it, don’t you?” he says.
            “I can’t afford to lose you, Anne. It’s like you’re killing yourself.” Luke stops.
            Natalie looks at her husband. “Luke, they’re both grown up. They know what to do. Plus, they’re already engaged,” she stops. “Do you want them to break off?”
            “Nate, stay away from this. I’m his brother. I’m the one who will take her hand down the aisle.”
            “Are you kidding me, Luke?” Nate says.
“With Ashton?” “I don’t think so, Nate.” He says.
            Anne doesn’t say a word. She’s trying to keep her head down. Luke feels bad as Natalie stares hard at him.
            Luke says, “Bring him home. I want to know him better,” Natalie smiles. She turns her head to face Anne.
            “When did he propose?” Natalie asks Anne cheerfully.
            “He did not,” Anne answers Natalie. “I proposed him.”
            “What???!!!” Are you kidding me Anne?” Luke disbelief.
            “Luke, I’m in love with him. I just can’t help it.” Anne speaks.  “Can you just this once, have some faith in it? I never asked anything before. Just this Luke, I need you to be with me.” Anne walks off and enters her room.
Natalie looks at him. “Honey, she deserves to be happy,”
“Do you remember what she had done to you? She had sacrificed her dream. Being a doctor is not her passion, but she done it for you.”
Luke sighs and enters Anne’s room.
“When is your wedding?” Anne gets up from her bed and hugs him.
 “Promise me you would be happy,” Luke says. She nods.

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