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IIFA 2015 Part 1 : IIFA Gala Screening

I've been watching IIFA awards since they started this awards 16 years ago. After the success of IIFA 2014 at Florida,United States I'm sure that IIFA is coming to Asian country again and I have strong feeling that they will come to Kuala Lumpur. One day they announced this year's host for IIFA and i was right! They're coming to KL. Tak cukup dengan dengan tu, aku teka pulak tahun ni mesti Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor jadi hosts. And guess what? I was right for second time! I think I'm good at making a predictions hohoho.

For those who don't know what IIFA is all about, it is a indian film award,mainly for bollywood films. IIFA stands for International Indian Film Academy. Unlike other film awards at India, they're hosting IIFA at foreign country. Malaysia used to host IIFA at Genting Highlands 13 years ago. More about IIFA, you can click HERE.

I was so excited for IIFA 2015 until I saw the ticket's price. Too pricey for me because the cheapest is RM450. Even Taylor Swift's ticket was cheaper than that. Then I started to forget about attending IIFA and decided to watch it at home.

Suprisingly,2015 has been nice to me. During the first day of IIFA (5th June), Didiey said to me that she just won 2 tickets to IIFA Main Event on Sunday (7th June). I was so excited and been dancing in my office. Then I opened TGV Cinemas' facebook account and there's a contest to win the invition to IIFA Gala Screening of Dil Dhadakne Do. Well I guess there's no harm trying my luck in the contest. Then boom I won 2 tickets for the gala screening. Told didiey the good news and we can't believe that we're going to IIFA and meet our favourite stars.

The IIFA Gala Screening was held at TGV KLCC on Saturday (6th June). I've been dying to watch DDD since they started filming this movie. You can read my review/opinion about Dil Dhadakne Do at my previous post or click HERE.

Met Didiey for the first time after being friends since last year on Twitter

The screening started at 8.15pm but the fans already waiting for their favourite stars since 2 pm. I arrived at 6.30pm and the amount of crowd was unbelievable. There's fans everywhere at level 3 KLCC and of course I can't saw the stage (so many tall people in front of me) and I missed the chance to meet the casts of DDD. The main casts of DDD were there except our jaan Ranveer Singh. He flew back to India to celebrate Deepika Padukone's father's birthday. But I did saw Ayushman Khurrana and his wife, Ritesh Deshmukh, Genelia Dsouza and Jacqueline Fernandez. Jac even smiled at me and Didiey!

Ayushman Khurrana and his wife (picture credit to didiey)

Ritesh Deshmukh in front of the toilet. He's really good looking in real life (Picture credit to didiey)

Jac Fernandez smiled at us! (picture credit to didiey)

TGV Cinema was closed for public on that day because they were using all the cinema halls for gala screening, and it was a private event. Only those who got the invitation can enter the hall. We received our tickets for both gala screening and main event at the counter. And yes another surprise for us. We won the main event's ticket that worth RM 1440. I've never been this lucky before. Graduation gift just came early hohoho.

Got our tickets!

Selfie with our jaan Ranveer Singh!

The movie started at 8.15 pm and ended at 11.00 pm. Even though I already watched DDD a day before,I still enjoying this movie. The audiences were crazy. We were laughing and screaming so hard (never happened in cinema hall before this) because DDD was funny. We also got a free popcorn and drinks. Only realized they were giving us free popcorn and drinks after we bought one =.=

After the movie ended, we ran to the ground floor to catch our train (because the last train was at 11.30 pm). Of course we had so much fun during the screening. Felt so lucky as a bollywood fans.

Entry about IIFA Main Event will be continue on the next post!
Till then,bye!

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