Wednesday, April 15

Guess who's back?

It's been a while since the last time i wrote something in this blog. after 2 years (kot) yasmin is back people! motif sangat kan time dah tak ramai berblog baru nak terkedek kedek active blogging balik.

There's few reasons why i wanna blog. first, my writing skill is so bad so i believe that with blogging i can sharpen my writing skills (and increase my vocabulary too).

Second, since i'm a movie freak now, i wanna review every single movie that i already watched, and i have to admit that i'm not good in reviewing the movie (but who cares btw,my blog my opinion right?)

And third, i want to share my opinion regarding certain topics. since i'm a huge bollywood fan now, i wanna talk about it in my blog.

till then, babai!

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